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He is a loving husband, father of 6 beautiful children and the grandfather of 5. At the age of 17, the “urge to preach” the gospel was laid upon his heart. Although he tried to avoid the calling, the urge grew stronger and stronger. He later became a Sunday School teacher and soon found himself preaching his lessons. He later found himself preparing sermons and preaching in the mirror and in February of 1976, he told his pastor that the Lord was calling him to the ministry. In April 1976, he preached his trial sermon which was from Ephesians 4:32. Later that year, he was licensed for the ministry by Mt. Ararat Baptist Church.

Since 1976, Pastor Anthony Brown has grown tremendously. He graduated from Columbia High School of Lake City, Florida and received his High School Diploma. He pursued his education at Trinity College of Miami Florida where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biblical Studies with a minor in Psychology. As his experience continued, he became Associate Minister of New Way Fellowship, under the leadership of Dr. Billy Baskin and a Charter Member of Peace Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. T.W. McCloud. He served as Associate Minister/Director of Christian Education for the New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church and in his District work for the Atlantic Coast Baptist Association, has served as the following: Lyceum President Missionary, Chairman of Finance, Bible Expositor, and Congress President (1999-2004). In 1991, He was ordained as the pastor of New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. In February of 2009, Pastor Anthony Brown became Moderator of the Atlantic Coast Baptist Association. In October of 2014, Pastor Anthony Brown started a new church and formed Renewed Bethel Baptist Church located in Opalocka Fl. He is currently active in the Atlantic Coast Missionary Baptist Association and the Southern Baptist Association. On a national level, Pastor Anthony Brown is certified to teach Christian Education by the National Baptist Sunday School Publishing Board.

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